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0.2 ml PCR Tubes

0.2 ml PCR Tubes

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  • Independent tube cap: One-piece connecting tube cap, snap-on cap design, easy to open and close the cap
  • Good sealing: The tube body and cap are highly matched, which can effectively reduce sample evaporation, evaporation rate ≤ 3%
  • High heat transfer: Uniform thin wall, can be efficient and uniform heat transfer, to achieve accurate heat transfer
  • High transparency: High light transmission of the cap helps qPCR to react efficiently


Vazyme 0.2 ml PCR single tubes are made of imported polypropylene and are compatible with mainstream PCR and qPCR instrument 0.2 ml thermal cycler modules. The product is transparent, with a flat cap attached and a highly transparent cap for qPCR experiments. The tubes have consistent ultra-thin walls to enhance thermal conductivity, ensuring precise control of cycling temperatures. 0.2 ml PCR tubes undergo rigorous quality testing to ensure that the product is sterile,  DNase and RNase free, no pyrogens, and free of PCR inhibitors to guarantee reliable and consistent experimental results.

Product  Name
Cat.No. Size Application
0.2 ml PCR Tubes PCR00102 1000/box (500/bag) Real-Time PCR Polypropylene, sterile, DNase and RNase free
PCR00102-01 10000/case (1000/box)

Shipping and Storage

Store at 15 ~ 25°C, transport at room temperature. The shelf life is 3 years.

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