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BioSmart Taq HS DNA Polymerase

BioSmart Taq HS DNA Polymerase

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BioSmart Taq HS DNA Polymerase is an enzyme selected through the BioSmart platform. It has a relatively long sequence of shortest extended bases, strong 3' mismatch recognition ability and high specificity. As the hot-start Taq DNA polymerase, BioSmart Taq HS DNA Polymerase contains high blocking rate dual-species antibodies that are able to maintain strict blocking at 55°C by binding different antigenic epitopes. With the optimized buffer system, this product effectively reduces non-specific amplification caused by primer-probe mixes, during sample mixing, system temperature increasing, and long-term storage, thus supporting the premixed format of primers and probes. When the reaction is maintained at 95°C for more than 30 sec, the antibody is completely inactivated, and the Taq enzyme activity is fully released, ensuring the sensitivity and specificity of PCR amplification. This product is in the format of enzyme and buffer separation, thereby the concentrations of enzyme, Mg 2+ , and dNTP can be flexibly adjusted according to the differences of various systems. It is applicable for various PCR and qPCR based on the hot-start Taq enzyme. In addition, this product provides additional carryover cleaner and cleaner buffer to establish an anti-contamination system, thereby minimizing PCR cross-contamination. Users can optimize and adjust according to actual requirements to get better experimental results.

Shipping and Storage

Store at -30 ~ -15°C and transport at ≤0°C.

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