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Mut Express MultiS Fast Mutagenesis Kit V2

Mut Express MultiS Fast Mutagenesis Kit V2

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Mut Express® MultiS Fast Mutagenesis Kit V2 is a site-directed mutagenesis system based on ClonExpress® rapid cloning technology. Using this kit, three to five discrete sites on the target plasmid can be introduced at one time. The kit consists of two The ultra-high fidelity of Phanta® Max significantly reduces the possibility of introducing new mutations during the amplification process. Its excellent long-fragment amplification capability is widely applicable to the amplification of any plasmid with a length less than 20 kb. ClonExpress® rapid cloning System utilizes efficient homologous recombination The reaction replaces the traditional annealing reaction. Therefore, use Mut Express® MultiS site-directed mutagenesis kit for DNA site-directed In the case of mutation, the primer design is more flexible, and the amplification reaction is no longer performed in a linear manner, and the template usage is extremely low , which is beneficial to the original Complete degradation of the basic template. The kit is equipped with Exnase® MultiS, a recombinase optimized for multi-base site-directed mutagenesis, and if the amplified product is specific, the DpnI digested product can be used directly in the recombination reaction without DNA purification. Highly optimized reaction buffer Mut Express® MuiltiS Fast Mutagenesis Kit V2 has become the preferred kit for DNA multipoint mutations.

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