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RoomTemp Sample Lysis Kit

RoomTemp Sample Lysis Kit

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RoomTemp Sample Lysis Kit is a simple and rapid blood room temperature lysis kit. This kit contains two components, Lysis Buffer and Stabilizing Buffer. Lysis Buffer contains special components that can rapidly destroy cell membrane proteins and membrane structures, which can fully release genomic DNA in cells. Stabilizing Buffer contains protective proteins and stabilizing factors, which can eliminate the inhibitory effect of inhibitors in lysed samples on downstream qPCR and PCR. And the DNA solution can be stored stably for a long time. Applicable blood sample types include fresh blood, frozen blood and conventional anticoagulant blood (EDTA, citrate, heparin sodium, etc.). Genomic DNA can be released from whole blood samples after 3 min of lysis at room temperature. The DNA solution can be directly used as templates for SNP detection by Taqman probe method, quantification by qPCR probe method, PCR amplification, etc. It can achieve the same effect as traditional genome extraction methods without complicated extraction operations. In addition to blood samples, this kit is also compatible with FTA blood cards, oral swabs, plant tissues and other samples .

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Store at 2~8℃. Adjust the shipping method according to different destinations.


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