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Self-Adhesive Plate Sealing Films

Self-Adhesive Plate Sealing Films

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  • Non-autofluorescent: Provide excellent optical properties.
  • Easy to tear: Strong initial viscosity and tight sealing efficiently reduce loss.
  • High light transmittance: High transparency with light transmittance more than 92%, which is easy to capture fluorescence signal.


Plate sealing film is a kind of disposable lab consumbles and specially designed for qPCR assays. It is used with 96-well plates (Vazyme #PCR09601SS/PCR09602SS) and 384 -well plates. Self-adhesive sealing film is carefully developed with high-quality polyester. These plate-sealing films have an adhesive layer that is designed to stick directly onto microplate surfaces and create a secure bond that prevents plate contents from evaporating or cross-contaminating.

Shipping and Storage

Store and transport at 10 ~ 27°C with a relative humidity of 40 - 60%. The shelf life is 18 months.

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