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VAHTS ssDNA Library Prep Kit for Illumina

VAHTS ssDNA Library Prep Kit for Illumina

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VAHTS ssDNA Library Prep Kit for Illumina is a single-stranded DNA library preparation kit targeted at Illumina high-throughput sequencing platform. Based on efficient single-strand ligation technology, this kit can convert single DNA into sequencable libraries. It is also suitable for double-stranded DNA library preparation, as well as single- and double-stranded mixed DNA library preparation. It is compatible with DNA samples as short as 40 bp and 10 pg-250 ng Input DNA. It is suitable for severely damaged, denatured or degraded DNA samples, and is an ideal choice for the preparation of difficult and precious samples. The optimized database building process can be completed within 2 h, and the manual operation time is less than 30 min. It is suitable for automatic database building and compatible with capture process. All reagents in the kit underwent strict quality control and functional verification, which ensured the stability and repeatability of library preparation to the greatest extent.

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