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0.2 ml Skirted Micro Well Plates

0.2 ml Skirted Micro Well Plates

Normál ár 110.200 Ft
Normál ár Akciós ár 110.200 Ft
Akciós Elfogyott



  • Highly matched: Designed to match automated workstations Low Retention: The product has low adsorption, which can effectively reduce the waste caused by liquid residue and make the database construction data more reliable RNase & DNase-free: It is sterile and DNase & RNase free, which can effectively control potential risks and ensure the credibility of the library construction results


Automated consumables are disposable experimental consumables developed on the basis of instruments and reagents that are highly matched with Vazyme automated liquid handling workstation, aiming to provide a complete set of automation solutions. The 0.2 ml  Skirted Micro Well Plates is made of imported high-quality polypropylene and polycarbonate materials, which can be adapted to all automated liquid handling workstations. White hard full skirt frame, it can bear the greater clamping force of the mechanical arm, making the pipetting process more stable. The tube wall is thin and transparent, which is more convenient to observe the liquid and PCR reaction. The numbers and letters of the horizontal and vertical edges are marked to distinguish different sampling holes more clearly.

Shipping and Storage

Store at 15 ~ 25°C and transport at room temperature. The shelf life is 3 years.

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