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MiPure Cell/Tissue miRNA Kit (Spin Column)

MiPure Cell/Tissue miRNA Kit (Spin Column)

Normál ár 116.300 Ft
Normál ár Akciós ár 116.300 Ft
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MiPure Cell/Tissue miRNA Kit (Spin Column) is suitable for the extraction of small RNAs (miRNA, <200 nt) from fewer than 5 × 106 eukaryotic cells or less than 100 mg of animal tissues. The obtained miRNAs are of high purity without large RNAs or genomic DNA contamination, which can be directly used for chip analysis, Northern hybridization, RT-PCR and miRNA library preparation, etc. Based on a combination of high performance RNA Isolater extraction reagent and silica gel column purification technique, the extraction of miRNAs can be completed within 1 h with this kit. This kit can also be used to separate and extract large RNAs (>200 nt) or total RNA (including miRNAs) to meet different needs.

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