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TUNEL BrightRed Apoptosis Detection Kit

TUNEL BrightRed Apoptosis Detection Kit

Normál ár 122.800 Ft
Normál ár Akciós ár 122.800 Ft
Akciós Elfogyott


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During apoptosis, intracellular specific endonucleases are activated, chromatin DNA is specifically cleaved between nucleosomes, and DNA is degraded into integer multiples of about 180 - 200  bp  fragments. The  3'-hydroxyl  (3'-OH)  end  generated  by  DNA  fragmentation  can  bind  to  fluorescein-12-deoxyuridine triphosphate (FITC-12-dUTP) under the action of terminal deoxynu-cleotidyl  transferase  (TdT). FITC-12-dUTP-labeled  DNA  can  be  directly  observed  by  fluorescence microscopy or quantitatively analyzed by flow cytometry to reflect the level of apoptosis. The BrightGreen  Labeling  Mix  contains  FITC-12-dUTP  and  Bright  factors. This  unique  small  molecule compound can non-covalently bind to FITC, enhance its stability and amplify its signal, resulting in brighter labeled fluorescence and stronger anti-quanching ability.

Shipping and Storage

Store at -20℃ for up to 12 months; Store BrightRed Labeling Mix at -20℃ in the dark.

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