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VAHTS Serum/Plasma Circulating DNA Kit

VAHTS Serum/Plasma Circulating DNA Kit

Normál ár 74.900 Ft
Normál ár 82.900 Ft Akciós ár 74.900 Ft
Akciós Elfogyott


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VAHTS Serum/Plasma Circulating DNA Kit is suitable for purification of high-quality circulating cell-free DNA (cfDNA) from 200 μl - 2 ml of cell-free serum, plasma and other body fluid samples, based on super paramagnetism magnetic particle purification technology. This kit is optimized for low molecular weight nucleic acid, and has the advantages of high recovery rate and purity with reliable reproducibility.  The quality of the obtained cfDNA is stable and reliable,which can be directly used in qPCR and the library construction of second-generation sequencing and other conventional experiments. This kit can be used with automated nucleic acid extraction instruments for simply and quickly large-scale extraction, which can greatly reduce the workload of the operator and the artificial error during the experiment.

Shipping and Storage

BOX 1, store at 2 ~ 8℃. Adjust shipping method according to different destinations. Dissolved Proteinase K must be stored at -30 ~ -15℃.
BOX 2, store at 15 ~ 25℃ and transport at room temperature.

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